12/6-12/12 League Teams Recap

by Shane Bertou

Monday, December 7 
IAHL Monday Novice+

Flour City: 9
Frigid Beavers: 2

Recap & Stats:
Flour City closed out the regular season with a 9-2 win over Frigid Beavers. Tim Schneider led the FC attack with four goals and an assist. Bryce Waltman also had five points on the night, with a goal and four assists.

Stars of the Game:
Tim Schneider, Bryce Waltman, Sam Yurick

Goal - Schneider (Waltman)
Goal - Bower (Unassisted) 
Goal - Keller (Bower) 
Goal - Schneider (Waltman, Keller) 
Goal - Schneider (Waltman) 
Goal - Klotzbach (Unassisted) 
Goal - Schneider (Waltman)
Goal - Keymel (Keller, Schneider)
Goal - Waltman (Bower) 


Tuesday, December 8 
IAHL Tuesday D-

Flour City: 3
Blow Hole Punchers:  4

Recap & Stats:
The Tuesday D- team lost an excisting postseason exhibition game to the Blow Hole Punchers by a score of 4-3 in overtime. Carl Holmes, JP Freel and Dan Spetz each tallied goals in the effort. The game marked the Flour City debuts for Dan Spetz and Anthony Latore. 

Stars of the Game:
Carl Holmes, JP Freel, Dan Spetz

Goal - Spetz (Latore) 
Goal - Holmes (Hubbard, Waltman)
Goal - Freel (Holmes)


Thursday, December 9
IAHL Thursday Novice 

Flour City: 4
Hat Trick Swayze: 3

Recap & Stats:
The Thursday Novice team won their final regular season game 4-3 over Hat Trick Swayze. Zak Sadwick had a pair of goals and Carlos Alvarado tallied the game winner late in the third period. Unfortunately the team fell just one point shy of the final playoff spot in their inaugural season. 

Stars of the Game:
Tim Sadwick, Mike Bianchi, Joe Jacque

Goal - Z. Sadwick (T. Sadwick, Cutri) 
Goal - Freel (Harman) 
Goal - Z. Sadwick (Unassisted) 
Goal - Alvarado (Freel, Z. Sadwick) 


Sunday, December 12 
IAHL Sunday D- 

Flour City: 1
Hack N' Slash: 7 

Recap & Stats:
The Sunday Novice team dropped their payoff debut by a score of 7-1 to the top seeded Hack N' Slash. Mike Trinidad had the team's only goal, assisted by Jona Chartrand and Joe Jacque. 

Stars of the Game:
Mike Trinidad, Dean Cutri, Gavin Streb

Goal - Trinidad (Chartrand, Jacque)