1/30-2/5 League Teams Recap

by Shane Bertou

Monday, February 1, 2022
IAHL Monday Novice+

Flour City: 6
Inferno: 1

Flour City topped Inferno 6-1 to improve to 3-1 on the winter season. Karyn Bower led the FC attack with two goals and an assist. Bryce Waltman, JP Freel, Zak Sadwick and Adam Keymel each had goals in the effort. Frankie Golojuch had 21 saves in net.

Stars of the Game:
Karyn Bower, JP Freel, Bryce Waltman

Goal - Freel (Keller)
Goal - Sadwick (Johnson)
Goal - Bower (Schneider, Yurick)
Goal - Keymel (Keller, Lee)
Goal - Waltman (Bower)
Goal - Bower (Waltman)


Sunday, January 30, 2022
IAHL Sunday Novice

Flour City: 5
Cider Company: 1

Allen Davis scored a pair of goals in his IAHL Sunday Novice debut to help lead Flour City to a 5-1 victory over Cider Company. Mike Trinidad, Pat Jenkins and Alex Lander each added goals. Gavin Streb made 35 saves.

Stars of the Game:
Allen Davis, Gavin Streb, Ken Skender

Goal - Davis (Chartand, Cutri)
Goal - Davis (Trinidad)
Goal - Lander (Bower)
Goal - Jenkins (Trinidad)
Goal - Trinidad (Paola)


Tuesday, February 1, 2022
IAHL Tuesday D-

Flour City: 3
RHC: 6

Flour City took a lead into the third period against RHC, but were unable to hold onto it as they lost 6-3. JP Freel scored two goals in the effort, with Josiah Bertou adding a third in his Flour City debut.

Stars of the Game:
JP Freel, Josiah Bertou, Dan Spetz

Goal - Bertou (Stoessel, Waltman)
Goal - Freel (Stoesel, Watlman)
Goal - Freel (Bertou, Stoessel)