Flour City Advances to Championship Game

by Shane Bertou

Flour City overcame a 2-0 lead in the first period to top Frigid Beavers 9-3 and earn a spot in the IAHL Monday Novice division championship game.

All nine Flour City skaters earned points in the contest, led by a pair of hat tricks by Adam Keymel and Pat Jenkins.

Goaltender Frankie Golojuch had 26 saves on the night.

Flour City will take on ROC Chubbies on Monday, August 23 at 7:45 PM for the league title. 

Stars of the Game: Adam Keymel, Pat Jenkins, Karyn Bower

Goal - Keymel (Whitman, Lee) 
Goal - Keymel (Bower, Jenkins)
Goal - Jenkins (Blankley)
Goal - Keller (Keymel, Bower)
Goal - Keymel (Whitman)
Goal - Klotzbach (Bertou)
Goal - Whitman (Keller)
Goal - Jenkins (Bertou)
Goal - Jenkins (Blankley, Bertou)