Flour City Keeps Rolling

by Shane Bertou

The Flour City Hockey Club improved to 6-0 on the season with a 4-1 victory over Hackers. 

Four FC players notched goals in the win; Ken Klotzbach, Bryce Waltman, Albert Blankley and Jason Baird. Frankie Golojuch had 22 saves to bring his Goals Against Average below the 2.00 threshold on the season.

The team was thrilled to earn a victory with longtime teammate Chris Potter in the lineup; who was visiting the team while on leave from service in the United States Air Force.

Stars of the Game: Chris Potter, Frankie Golojuch, Albert Blankley

Klotzbach (Bauer, Waltman)
Waltman (Whitman)
Blankley (Whitman, Klotzbach)
Baird (Whitman, Bertou)