Flour City Over Inferno 7-4 in Season Debut

by Shane Bertou

Pat Whitman netted a hat trick to lift Flour City over Rochester Inferno by a score of 7-4 in their summer season debut.

Inferno took the early lead before Doug Keller jammed home a drifting puck in front of the Inferno net to get the scoring started in the first period. Flour City went up 3-1 after a pair of goals by Pat Jenkins and Ken Klotzbach before Inferno climbed back to tie it up.

It was all Flour City in the third as Whitman scored a trio of goals accompanied by Bryce Waltman who put a solid wrister over the goalie's shoulder to help put it away.

The team returns to action next week as they take on the Genny Red Eyes.

Stars of the Game: Pat Whitman, Karyn Bower, Ken Klotzbach

Goal - Keller (Blankley, Jenkins)
Goal - Jenkins (Bower, Waltman)
Goal - Klotzbach (Waltman)
Goal - Whitman (Unassisted)
Goal - Whitman (Keymel, Bower)
Goal - Waltman (Jenkins, Trinidad)
Goal - Whitman (Keymel, Keller)