Flour City Reaches 1,000 Mark in Attendance

by Shane Bertou

We reached a significant milestone this week in the short history of Flour City Hockey Club. 

Since we launched on January 6, we’ve provided nearly 60 opportunities for the community to come together and play a little hockey. With every pick up skate, skills clinic, tournament game and league night, we’ve met a lot of new people over the past six months. 

With our pick up skate at Paul Louis Arena on Wednesday night, we reached the 1,000 mark in attendance. 

John Freel was the lucky player who reached the milestone for us, so the club gifted him with a brand new Flour City Hockey Club t-shirt produced locally by Red Zine Apparel

John started playing Short Ice pick up with us with back in February and has been a constant presence at Flour City events since. He picked up the game at age 65 as a way to spend more time with his son JP, and the two of them been having a great time playing together!

Thanks to John and everyone who has attended Flour City Hockey Club events this year. Much more to come, we promise!