Legion of Doom Wins Summer Short Ice Championship

by Shane Bertou

Legion Of Doom - Mike BIanchi, Brenna Bauer, Ken Klotzbach, Shane Bertou, Kayla Brown, 
Zak Sadwick, Joe Jacque, Jakiem Brown, Mike Trinidad. Not pictured: Matt Kleckner, Max Slade

Legion of Doom defeated the Boston Crabs by a score of 10-7 to win the Summer Short Ice championship in the league's inaugural season. 

LOD was led by Zak Sadwick with four goals, followed by Joe Jacque with three, Shane Bertou with two and Mike Trinidad with one. Alexei Chatterton had a hat trick for the Crabs, with Adam Keymel, Evan Johnson and Mike Lowrey each tallying goals.

Season Stat Leaders:
Goals - Adam Preston (32), JP Freel (22), Joe Climek (18)
Assists - Tim Schneider (22), Evan Johnson (10), Adam Preston (9), Ken Klotzbach (9)
Penalties - AJ Wright (1), Ken Klotzbach (1), Max Slade (1)

Team Award Winners:
Doom Squad MVP - Mike Trinidad
The Bunsen Award - Dean Cutri
THE Exalted One - Adam Preston
The Killer Crab - Mike Rush

Special Thanks:
Team Captains - Ben Lee, Kevin Harman, Shane Bertou, Tim Schneider
Scorekeeper - Kevin Schneider
Rink Manager/Bartender - Don Hall