Puck Drops on Inaugural Short Ice Season

by Shane Bertou

Flour City Hockey Club's inaugural Short Ice season got  underway with back-to-back games at Evovle Hockey on Wednesday night.

The games were fast and furious, with a whopping 48 goals tallied between the four teams.

Boston Crabs 11, Legion of Doom 10

The evening's first tilt was between Boston Crabs and Legion of Doom. The Doom squad jumped on the Crabs early to take a four goal lead in the game's opening minutes, but it wouldn't last long. Joe Climek (4) and Alexei Chatterton (3) combined to score the bulk of the Crabs' 11 goals, with Kevin Harman, Adam Keymel and Evan Johnson adding to the attack. 

Ken Klotzbach led Legion of Doom's offensive production with two goals and four assists. The team also saw multi-point efforts from Joe Jacque, Mike Trinidad, Zak Sadwick and Max Slade - who provided a late two goal spark that nearly tied things up late.

Stars of the game honors went to Alexei Chatterton, Ken Klotzbach, and Joe Climek.

Full Nelsons 17, Exalted Ones 10

The second game of the night was between Full Nelsons and Exalted Ones. The Nelsons played at a blistering pace, putting up 17 goals on the night. JP Freel led the team in scoring with five goals on the night, but there were plenty of points to go around to everyone else on the team making the scoresheet.

The Exalted Ones put on a flurry of shots in the game's final minutes, but just weren't able to convert. Adam Preston led the team in scoring with a staggering eight goal night.

Game stars were awarded to JP Freel, Adam Preston, and Doug Keller.