Whisks Win Winter Short Ice Championship

by Shane Bertou

Whisk It For The Biscuit - Zak Sadwick, Max Slade, Mike Trinidad, Duncan Topley, 
Chris McHale, Christian Sparacino, Ed Inzana, Ryan Burst. Not pictured - Emina Acee

Whisk It for the Biscuit defeated Stick a Fork In It by a score of 10-8 to win the Winter Short Ice League championship. 

The Whisks were led by Zak Sadwick with four goals, followed by Mike Trinidad with three. Duncan Topely and Chris McHale also had goals in the effort.

Pat Jenkins had five goals for the Forks, with Darryl Mott and Ryan Yacono each adding tallies.

Season Stat Leaders:
Goals - Ryan Yacono (23), Pat Jenkins (20), Mike Trinidad (17)
Assists - Ryan Yacono (20), Duncan Topley (11), Jack Lenahan (9)
Penalties - Alexei Chatterton (1), Andrew MacKenzie (1), Doug Keller (1), Ryan Yacono (1)

Special Thanks:
Team Captains - Dean Cutri, Gregg Sadwick, Max Slade, Mike Rush
Goalies - Dan Watson, Gavin Streb, John Phillips, Mike Bianchi, Will Volkmar
Scorekeepers - Kevin Schneider, Karyn Bower, Max Slade
Rink Manager/Bartender - Don Hall